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Why Give?

Campaign Cabinet

The Our New Era Campaign and it’s $60 million goal is the largest fundraising campaign in the history of Burlington. The redevelopment of the Joseph Brant Hospital is a once in a lifetime project that builds upon a long history of community support, and asks for continued support for the future. This campaign will succeed because leaders engage and invest with us to fulfill our mission.

To support our efforts, we have selected a group of prominent community members to form the Our New Era Campaign Cabinet. This group of dedicated volunteers represents all aspects of our community and will provide strategic direction, advice and guidance as we work toward achieving our goals.

Meet the Campaign Cabinet

(L-R) Back Row: John Krpan, Dr. Ben Carruthers, Kevin Brady (Cabinet Co-Chair), Eric Vandewall (JBH President and CEO), Clement Messere, Hugh Loomans, Brian Torsney, Randy Smallbone

Front Row: Susan Busby, Anissa Hilborn (JBHF President), Rick Giuliani, Shirley Thomas-Weir, Brenda Hunter (Cabinet Co-Chair), Diane Peller 

Cabinet Members not pictured: Leon Denbok, Dan Desrochers, Steve Duffield, Dr. Arshad Hack, Harrison Livermore, Doug Leggat, Frank McKeown, Susan Moore, Shaun Power, Ted Scherle, Ralph Sgro (Campaign Cabinet Vice-Chair)

Campaign Team: Mel Griffin, Peter Hogarth, Dominic Mercuri, Donald S. Smith

✝ Deceased

There were 13,040 inpatient

admissions, 3,209 inpatient surgeries and 13,177 day surgeries at Joseph Brant Hospital in 2016/17

In 2015/16

there were 1,447 births at Joseph Brant Hospital
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