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The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation (JBHF) believes in transparency and accountability and is committed to protecting the privacy of its stakeholders. The JBHF works closely with the Chief Privacy Officer of Joseph Brant Hospital ensuring the consistent application of privacy legislation, policies and Principles. 



The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation (JBHF) is committed to a high standard of conduct. As such the Foundation is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability in its operations. The Foundation values feedback from all stakeholders as a means to improve practices and programs.

Designated Gifts Allocation Policy

All designated gifts are subject to the Foundation's Designated Gift Allocation Policy, where fifteen percent of all designated gifts will be allocated to the My Hospital Fund. This fund is used to support urgent and non-funded capital and clinical priorties of the hospital and when necessary, may be applied against costs to secure, administer, and receipt donations, as well as recognize and steward donors.

For a more information about any of the above policies, please contact the Foundation at or 905-632-3737 ext. 1488. 

Our Emergency Department

saw over 42,723 visits in 2016/17

Joseph Brant Hospital has over

1,769 employees including over 180 physicians, dentists and midwives
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