Joseph Brant

Why Donate?

Donor Recognition Benefits

Everyday our donors are making an impact on the quality of healthcare provided by Joseph Brant Hospital and the JBH Foundation is committed to recognizing and celebrating our generous supporters. 

Not only will your contributions help to improve the quality of healthcare, but they will also benefit you in a number of ways. Depending on the amount of your donation, this may take the form of:

Personal acknowledgement of your support

  • As a valued partner, you will receive invitations to exclusive events

Public recognition of your support

  • Your valuable support will be acknowledged at special events
  • Your gift may be recognized through a Hospital naming opportunity
  • You will be included in our online donor listing
Membership in giving recongnition groups

Tax Benefits

  • Donations to registered charities qualify for federal and provincial income tax credits
  • Reduces your personal income tax payable
  • Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information
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