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Mental Health and Addictions

Joseph Brant Hospital is leading a push for change in the treatment of mental health and addictions for our community in the moments they need it most. The numbers tell us that approximately 30% of Ontarians will experience mental illness and/or substance abuse issues at some point in their lifetime. That means nearly one in three of us could need the mental health and addictions care Joseph Brant Hospital offers.

We’re counting on your support to help us raise $1 million dollars for mental health and addictions care here at our hospital. Our bold new vision is anchored by our innovative ground-breaking program Prioritizing Health through Acute Stabilization and Transition (PHAST). 

PHAST is an outpatient program which ensures immediate help is available to people ages 16 and up suffering a mental health or addictions crisis, and to provide options for ongoing care outside a hospital setting. After stabilizing the patient, PHAST’s interdisciplinary team provides a warm, personal transfer to appropriate follow-up services through a network of community partners including the Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK), Canadian Mental Health Association, and Halton Alcohol Drug and Gambling Assessment Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT). 

The PHAST Program is reducing wait times to see a clinician, and has led to a reduced rate of re-admission
for inpatients a reduced number of repeat visits to the Emergency Department, and a reduced number of
inpatient admissions. 

In addition to the PHAST program, JBH is looking to continue to offer much needed programs including the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (CAPS), and the Peer Support Navigator Program, both of which rely on the generosity of donors to operate at their full capacity.

Children and adolescents have often been overlooked and underserved when it comes to the treatment
of mental illness. There is an increasingly urgent need for early intervention and continuity of care throughout
a patient’s lifetime. Since the program began in 2013, the CAPS program has received more than 4,450 referrals and conducted more than 14,000 face-to-face visits, with a reduction in wait times to receive access to referrals, assessment and treatment of 29 days. 

Over the past few years, we have piloted a peer support navigator program, which recognizes the importance of lived 
experience in addressing issues of mental illness and substance abuse. This program has proven success in  incorporating more patient perspectives throughout our programming, and formalizes opportunities for people who’ve dealt with these challenges to help guide those undergoing treatment.  In 2017/18 alone, over 350 patients received 1:1 support, and 180 patients attended group sessions. 

And access to mental health and addictions services is a major barrier, with only half of Canadians experiencing a major depressive episode receiving potentially adequate care, and one-third of Canadians aged 15 are older say their needs were not met.

Together, we will ensure people in Burlington have access to the mental health and addictions treatments they need – in the moments they need them most.

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