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Bob Basadur 


As a Burlington resident, Bob had a "strong sense of wanting to get more involved in the Community from a volunteer standpoint” and joined the Joseph Brant Hospital Board of Directors.

Bob feels that the role of the Foundation Board has several facets. "We are representatives of the Hospital in the Burlington Community to help create awareness and build enthusiasm so people are inspired to give whatever they can financially. We are custodians to a great deal of money and owe it to our donors to be transparent with our governance practices and stewardship of these funds. We are a sounding board for new ideas, strategies and tactics that our President can use to make the best decisions.”

Bob believes that the Redevelopment and Expansion of our Hospital will be the 'icing on the cake' and help make Burlington one of the best communities for quality of life in Canada. "It is already a special place and the new Hospital will not only create new jobs and attract some of the best physicians, but it will also be a place Burlington residents will be proud to call their own.”

When asked what part of the Redevelopment and Expansion Project Bob is most excited for he mentions the new emergency facilities. "Our new state-of-the-art Emergency Department, the first point of contact with the Hospital, will go a long way towards changing the public's perception of the Hospital.”

Bob is a passionate advocate of Joseph Brant Hospital and excited about what is in store for the future of health care for Burlington. "We really need a new Hospital, so let's work together to make it happen,” said Mr. Basadur.

Kimberly Westenberg


Kimberly Westenberg (left) at the High Falutin' Hoedown

The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation is lucky to have a large group of dedicated volunteers. From Board and committee members to our IMPACT team, their support goes a long way towards achieving our goals.

For Kimberly Westenberg, volunteering with the Foundation goes back a long way.

“JBH is where I was born and I choose to give back by volunteering my time to the Foundation as JBH has been part of my life's ups and downs,” she says. “I love volunteering my time in support of the events that raise money to help build a better hospital for the community I grew up in.”

It doesn’t hurt that her mom works for the Foundation.

“I would hear her talking about events and I wanted to attend and help out,” says Kimberly. 

Over the past five years, Kimberly has volunteered at a number of Foundation events: Bright Lights Hot Nights, Battle of the Brains Trivia Night, Stars Under the Stars Movie Night, the Amazing Bed Race and the High Falutin’ Hoedown.

Volunteering could mean anything including set-up, tear-down, registration, fundraising, activities, and bartending, or as Kimberly puts it “basically anything I am asked to help with.”

In her volunteering with the Foundation, she has learned about the great amount of hard work and planning that goes into raising money to support our community Hospital.  

“The amount of planning and passion that goes to plan a great event to allow the supporters of the hospital have a great time is amazing,” she said.

When asked what she likes most about volunteering for the Hospital Foundation, the answer is easy for Kimberly.

“I love that when I am helping out at an event that it's always organized and you feel like a part of the team! The Foundation makes sure you are confident and happy with your assignment at the event, and it’s great watching the excitement and fun happen right before your eyes!” 

According to Kimberly, the Foundation is a great place to volunteer, and get involved in your community.

“You get to be a part of a community that wants to provide better healthcare for the community. And sometimes you get pizza, and who doesn't love pizza!”

Sandra Bell

Sandra Bell has been a volunteer on the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation's Crystal Ball Gala Committee since 2007, because she wanted to "make a difference by building a better Hospital for the Community of Burlington.”

She is the co-lead for the silent auction on the Crystal Ball Committee, and, as part of the Foundation, works to champion the Hospital's cause.

"I feel my role with the committee is to promote Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH), the Foundation and the Crystal Ball; asking local businesses if they would like to donate to the Crystal Ball silent auction by promoting the relationship between JBH, and the families and businesses of the Community.”

Sandra believes strongly in making a difference in the community, and helping the hospital reach its goal of providing high quality health care as part of its Redevelopment and Expansion Project.

"You can see the difference that is being made by driving by the Hospital today. When you're out talking with people, you hear the positive comments being said about the activity.”

For her, the Foundation plays an important role in the Community that she is happy to be part of.

"JBH would not be there without the Community and the Community needs a great Hospital. The Foundation is a part of a team. That team consists of the staff, all the volunteers and the residents of Burlington. I am very proud to have helped make a difference with Joseph Brant Hospital.”

In the future, Sandra intends to continue her work with the Crystal Ball Committee and ensure this year's event is another great success.

Shirley Herriot

Shirley has been volunteering with Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation since 2002. After 33 years as a teacher with the Halton Catholic District School Board, Shirley retired and started volunteering at the Foundation, "It is a great job” said Shirley.

When asked why she chose to volunteer with our Foundation Shirley explained that her family was part of the Burlington Community when Joseph Brant opened. Several of her family members have needed the Hospital services over the years. "The Hospital is a very important part of this 'on-growing' Community and as a proud resident of Burlington it is important to give back. I am happy to do that by volunteering at JBHF.”

Shirley is an important part of the Foundation team having specific duties she is responsible for, but also being available for any other tasks that are asked of her. "I am always learning new things and am always made to feel part of the Foundation team” said Shirley.

Shirley believes strongly in volunteering and having a chance to give back to your Community. "You will have the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people whose dedication and hard work are major contributing factors to the successes JBHF has achieved. When you 'give back' you 'get back' and volunteering is a great way to do that.”

Shirley is looking forward to continuing to work with Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation and helping us make a difference in our Community.

When renovations are complete,

over 70 percent of our inpatient rooms will be single-patient rooms

There are 9 new operating rooms

and a new post-anaesthetic care unit in our new Michael Lee-Chin & Family Patient Tower
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